"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of dis-ease."
-Thomas Edison

High Tech Care

Space Neurolink Thermal Scan Thermal Scan 2

Dr. Zablotney understands that good health is a habit that begins before symptoms of disease, or as he likes to put it, dis-ease show up. Symptoms, or the lack thereof, can be misleading. If you and your best friend both eat food that had been left out for too long, your friend vomits the poisoned food back up and you do not; who is healthier? Whose nervous system is functioning better? Surely in that case vomiting, a typically undesirable symptom, is a sign of a properly functioning stomach and nervous system controlling it. Subtle interference to the messages from the nervous system can lead to organs not functioning optimally. All health problems start out small and in their beginning stages are virtually undetectable, and the last things to warn you about them are symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms, you have waited too long!
That is why Dr. Zablotney uses the Insight Discovery Subluxation Station technology, the only technology of its kind endorsed by the Space Foundation for use on astronauts, to assess and monitor your nervous system on each visit. The Subluxation Station uses 5 different, non-invasive, physical assessment tools: Surface EMG, infrared thermal scanning, pressure algometry, inclinometry (range of motion), and heart rate variability. These 5 tests, combined, provide the doctor with a complete picture of your nervous system; sensory-how you experience the world, motor-how you interact with the world, and autonomic-the organ and gland functions you don't even think about. The Subluxation Station provides an objective view of the current state of the nervous system allowing Dr. Zablotney to find, and characterize, spinal and nervous system imbalances whether you have symptoms or not. The Subluxation Station is ideal for use on children because kids are typically unaware of symptoms or unable to express what pains they feel. As mentioned above, Dr. Zablotney is able to observe spinal problems before they become major issues, and monitor your growth and progress through care. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree". Your children are no different. It is Dr. Zablotney's opinion that the height of service in health care consists of correcting health issues while they are still simple and easy to resolve with natural non-invasive methods, before they become major problems that require a near miracle or drugs and surgery to fix. Considering how traumatic the birth process can be for a child (as well as their mother!) and all the bumps and bruises that come with growing up and learning how to walk and playing sports, it is vital for your child's well being to have their nervous system checked with the Subluxation Station. Dr. Zablotney practices Blair Upper Cervical Specific technique and Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) in addition to the Palmer College adjusting 'package'. Both Blair and SOT were developed decades ago by chiropractors for the purpose of correcting vertebral subluxation by the safest and most efficient means possible. Blair takes into account each person's unique anatomy and allows the doctor to develop adjustments specific to each patient. No two people are exactly the same based on anatomy, neither should their adjustments be the same. SOT considers how a person's body is functioning as an entire unit, especially in how it responds to gravity and how that can effect even internal organs. Adjustments with SOT are typically very gentle and allow the body to make its' own corrections, using gravity to its' advantage.
By combining space age technology with time honored chiropractic adjusting methods Dr. Zablotney provides leading edge, natural health care to get you back to living your life, stress free, and place you on the road of wellbeing.