"Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it, and leave it alone".
-Clarence Gonstead, D.C.

Case Studies

Annette: She is a 51 year old woman who runs a small business with her sister. She has had severe neck and arm pain and hand numbness for years. It was so bad that for three years straight she could not get a full nights' sleep, she would always wake up five to six times each night to find a comfortable position and she also could not wash or style her hair without having to pause in the middle and let her arms relax and regain their strength. Her neck muscles felt like a pair of lead pipes and her muscle and heat scans were off the charts. Three hours after her first neck adjustment from Dr. Zablotney she could feel her neck muscles relaxing and for the first time in years they felt 'squishy' instead of those lead pipes. She also had three consecutive nights of solid sleep before her second visit and has been sleeping like the dead since, and her family reports that her attitude has completely shifted in a much more positive direction. During this time, she renovated her store front, replacing stone and brick steps, painting walls, and scrubbing the dirt off of a century old hard wood floor from morning until night. "There was no way that I could have done all of that in such a small period of time, and with a minimum of pain, without Dr. Zablotney's help!"
Danny: Danny is a toddler now but was not even a year old when Dr. Zablotney first adjusted him. His Great Grandmother remarked that it seemed his one leg was not moving as much or in the same way that the other one was. It was like his muscles on his one leg were not yet coordinated. Dr. Zablotney checked Danny's spine for vertebral subluxation and he found an issue with the way his sacrum (centerpiece of the pelvis) was articulating with his one hip bone. He made a very gentle correction using just a small amount of slow pressure with the tips of his fingers. The next time his Great Grandmother saw him, Danny was crawling like a fiend and today he is a big, strong, smart, playful, and happy little 3 year old; and his family believes that chiropractic had a lot to do with it.
Raymond: Raymond is a 67 year old retired coal worker. He smacked the left side of his neck off the door frame of a dump truck while dumping a load of steel about ten years ago and has had severe headaches and neck pain ever since. Dr. Zablotney took his special series of x-rays (Blair upper cervical series) and found that Ray's second cervical was misaligned on both sides with the left side sliding forward and the right side sliding backward.
Raymond Before
As a result of that it was rotated a full 9! After 4 visits the exams revealed that the right sided misalignment was corrected. On the 6th visit another x-ray was taken and it showed only a 5 rotation of his second cervical vertebra.
Raymond After
There is still work to be done, Ray still has symptoms but he is able to manage them better under stress. Recently he took a one day trip to Philadelphia to visit his son. Normally that would have put him in crippling pain the following day after all that driving but under Dr. Zablotney's care he felt like the trip only affected him a little bit. What is so exciting about this case is the fact that you can see the change on the x-rays, there is no guessing. Its right there; and you can see the difference it makes to take the time to be specific when it comes to correcting the spine and nervous system!