"A spine, chiropractically maintained in youth is the best assurance to a healty life that you can give a child."
-Fred H. Barge, D.C., PhC.

About Chiropractic

In 1895, Daniel David (DD) Palmer put into practice the principles regarding health and life that he had been studying for years and the end result was chiropractic. Mr. Harvey Lillard, a janitor in DD's building in Davenport, Iowa became deaf after bending over and picking up something heavy underneath a staircase and hearing something snap and pop in his lower neck 17 years prior. DD was what was termed a 'magnetic healer' at the time so Harvey thought to give him a try. Upon hearing of Harvey's case, (or perhaps reading about it!) DD surmised that something in his back slipped out of place and caused his loss of hearing 17 years earlier. Upon examination DD found a sizable boney bump on Harvey's upper back, convinced him to lie down to correct it, and proceeded to 'rack' the bone back into position. Shortly thereafter, Harvey reported that he could once again " hear the horse carriages in the streets". And so began chiropractic. Over the years, DDs son BJ Palmer learned the art his father created and took over ownership of the school that he convinced his dad to build. The BJ Palmer Clinic became a world famous place for sick people to get well. Many cases who failed under medical management, even at the famed Mayo Clinic, flourished under chiropractic care even Dr. Charles Mayo's own wife. Since that time Chiropractic has grown to become the third largest doctor level health profession in the United States behind medicine and dentistry and is the number one non-drug, non-surgical healing profession in the United States. There are nearly 25 colleges worldwide that teach chiropractic and Palmer College remains at the forefront as the 'Fountainhead' of chiropractic.

So how does it work?

It is really simple. You live your life through your nervous system, every second of it. Every sound, smell, taste, sight, or touch is collected by your senses and sent to your brain, where that information is integrated and then decisions are made about that information; is it good or bad? Is it helpful or harmful or of no meaning? What to do about it? And on and on. Then the brain sends messages to every part of you body with instructions on what and how to do what you need your body to do. You see a sunset, smell a flower, hear a child giggle, then you laugh, cry, jump, run, etc. Everything you experience and everything you do is run through, and by, your nervous system. But problems can arise. Because it is so fragile, your nervous system is protected by the bones and muscles of your head and back, while still remaining flexible enough to allow you to move around. Sometimes, those bones 'lock up' to protect your nervous system from worse damage. We call that 'lock up' SUBLUXATION. That 'gridlock' called subluxation acts as a filter that dampens your life experience and impedes your life expression on every level by interfering with the function of the nervous system. By removing subluxation with gentle chiropractic adjustments, we essentially take the 'foot off of the hose' and allow your nervous system to function fully and allow those messages to flow properly.

Who should see a chiropractor?

Everyone deserves to have their spine checked for subluxation so that they might live a more fully expressed life. Especially children. You may have heard the expression, 'as the twig is bent, so grows the tree'. If a child has a subluxation, not only will it diminish their life experience and expression, but their body will grow around it and keep it in place for the rest of their life, causing all manner of problems later in life. It is well know that the birth process can be very traumatic for newborns, as well as the mothers. At no other time in your life does someone typically grab your neck and pull you out of someplace with over 100 pounds of pulling pressure. A child's neck muscles are barely awake and functioning at that point so the majority of that force gets put upon the spine. At the very least you owe it to your children to have their spine checked for subluxation as soon after they are born as possible and avoid other health problems down the line. Pregnant women receiving chiropractic care have reported that they have experienced shorter time in labor and less difficulty with the delivery process and a dramatic return to normal function after their child is born.

To summarize, anyone who has a functioning nervous system should have their spine checked for possible subluxations and start living better now with chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is safe for all ages and stages of life regardless of whatever symptoms or problems you may or may not have.